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Saturday, 10 September 2016

simple foods

 i try to post a lot in english so i can enhance my rusty english. it is so sad to know that my english writing skills slowly go down along the sea and no longer able to catch up any thing. i know i'm maybe bad at it. but i will try to improve. 

actually, i am not a good cook. i aint no pro in this cooking thingy. and i can only cook simple dish or should i say 'lazy foods'. although lack of skills in cooking, but i always like to see some food or chef channels. i really love to see how peoples handle food in kitchen. from nothing or scratch, they can create an amazing dish. usually i watch MasterChef Australia, and i totally fallin' love with the show. also watch some others foods channels that make my saliva like a lava wanna erupt from the mouth. 

for girls or women out there, it is okay if you bad at cooking and if your foods doesn't taste like foods. it sokay. im here with you sobbing along with you while tapping your back. joke. girls, this is a real deal, it is okay if you bad at cooking, but DON'T BE LAZY! the key of good foods is effort. yes effort. and for now, i am here to summon some of my beast spirit to keep cooking and learning to cook.

yosh, i will learn to cook for my future life. HAHAHHAHA. actually im not bad at cooking. just lazy la. 

okay lah if you can cook scrambled egg or half cooked fried egg without burned. still can eat meh with kicap and chili sauce and hot rice. wahhh so nice. 

lazy cookin'. sausage fried oyster sauce and eat while dip it with mayo. nice breakfast XD

cucur ikan bilis. i wish i have some 'daun sup' to make the cucur tastier. i love to make small, crispy cucur. so eat with chili sauce. a nice evening tea time :D

i usually don't eat nasi much. so sometimes, this kind of simple foods can be my lunch, dinner and even supper. please eat balanced meal. don't be like me. 

so, what type of simple dish and food you can prepare? (maybe without too much effort but still tasty)

see ya'


  1. I enjoyed baking rather that cooking, so..I guess we're even? hahaha...

  2. That cucur ikan bil looks so delicious la BV, uhuks.

    1. kan kann. terliur jugak tengok gambar kat blog sendiri. hahahhaha

  3. Youre not lazy. You still end up with tasty food ;)

  4. I love to watch Masterchef Kid... it is incredible to see children at that age can cooks like a pro =)

    1. betul tu. memang menarik sangat. masakan2 dorang semua macam pro. T^T

  5. senang jak masak sebenanya. tikam jak apa kita suka. tapi mun gordon ramsay tgk kita masak gerenti kmk nya nangis hahaha xD

    1. hahhahahah bena ya. nang main tikam2 jak asal kita rasanya ok jak. XD
      ng nangis nya kali, sebab nya jenis teliti nak. :3


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